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Leg swelling is one of the most common complaints from many men and women today. Often, it’s tied to dysfunction of your lymphatic system and it may be an indicator of vein disease. At NJ Vein Specialists in Edison, and Glen Rock, New Jersey, the team of vascular and vein experts offers diagnoses and treatments to get to the bottom of your leg swelling so you can get fast relief. Book your appointment online or by phone today.

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Leg Swelling Q & A

What causes leg swelling?

Leg swelling is often caused by abnormal fluid accumulation, also called edema. It’s usually concentrated in your lower legs, ankles, and feet. 

In many cases, lymphatic dysfunction is the underlying cause of this fluid accumulation. Lymphatic dysfunction and vein disease often go hand-in-hand, as the poor circulation found in vein disease can cause or contribute to fluid buildup. 

What can I do about leg swelling?

It’s important to work with the vein and vascular experts at NJ Vein Specialists to find the solutions that return you to full function. 

The NJ Vein Specialists team believes in a conservative approach, so you may start with measures such as compression hosiery, exercises to promote lymph drainage, and lymph drainage massage. 

If these measures don’t give you enough relief, you may need to consider minimally invasive procedures.

What minimally invasive procedures treat leg swelling?

NJ Vein Specialists offers a variety of effective treatments for leg swelling. These options include: 


In sclerotherapy, your NJ Vein Specialists provider injects a sclerosant solution right into the veins causing the fluid buildup in your legs. The sclerosant irritates your veins and they shrink closed in response. This relieves the fluid buildup and your leg swelling. Sclerotherapy is a 5-30 minute procedure, depending on the vein size and how many veins you’re treating.


In a phlebectomy, your NJ Vein Specialists provider makes very small incisions in your leg to pull out problem veins with a specialized hook tool. 

Often, phlebectomy is a combination treatment that goes along with sclerotherapy. Sometimes, your vein and vascular specialist might perform radiofrequency ablation to disable problem veins first and then do a phlebectomy to remove the treated veins. 

The NJ Vein Specialists team supports and guides you as you choose the right solution for your leg swelling. Reach out to NJ Vein Specialists online or by calling the office nearest you today.