Jennifer Scala

Jennifer Scala

Director of Operations

Meet Jennifer Scala, our dedicated Director of Operations at NJ Vein Specialist. With an illustrious career spanning over 15 years in the medical field, Jennifer is a true luminary when it comes to improving the lives of our patients. Her unwavering commitment to enhancing patient care, building dynamic teams, and establishing cutting-edge medical offices sets her apart as a remarkable leader in the healthcare industry.

Jennifer's journey to becoming the driving force behind NJ Vein Specialist was inspired by a deep sense of empathy for patients suffering from vascular issues. Recognizing the immense need for specialized care and a compassionate approach, she embarked on a mission to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

With Jennifer at the helm, NJ Vein Specialist is not just a medical practice; it's a haven where patients can find solace and receive the finest treatment for their conditions. Her passion for excellence, coupled with her innate ability to inspire those around her, has transformed the patient experience, setting a new standard in vascular care.

Under Jennifer's leadership, NJ Vein Specialist is not just a healthcare facility; it's a place where compassion meets expertise, where patients come first, and where the pursuit of better health is unwavering. We are proud to have Jennifer Scala as our Director of Operations, guiding our team and ensuring that every patient receives the care they deserve.

Elena Padin

Elena Padin

Office Supervisor

Meet Elena Padin, our dedicated Office Supervisor at NJ Vein Specialists, bringing over a decade of clinical expertise to enhance the patient experience. As a warm and compassionate local from New Jersey, Elena is deeply committed to ensuring that every patient receives care that is second to none.

Elena's journey in healthcare has been marked by a passion for practice management. Her ten years of clinical experience have uniquely equipped her to lead our team with efficiency and empathy. She believes in fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for both patients and staff alike.

Beyond her professional role, Elena is a proud NJ resident who finds joy in spending quality time with her family. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle extends beyond the workplace, as she actively engages in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to stay fit and energetic.

Known for her infectious sense of humor, Elena brings a smile to the faces of those around her. She believes that laughter is an essential element in creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere. In her free time, Elena loves to explore new destinations through travel, broadening her horizons and enriching her perspective.

Elena Padin is not just an office supervisor; she's a caring leader who is dedicated to making your experience at NJ Vein Specialists exceptional. With her blend of professionalism, warmth, and a touch of humor, Elena is here to ensure that your journey with us is not only effective but also enjoyable.

Tonimarie Gaudioso

Tonimarie Gaudioso

Outreach Coordinator

We are delighted to introduce Tonimarie Gaudioso, our exceptional Community Outreach Coordinator at NJ Vein Specialists. With a background in psychology and education, Tonimarie brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to our team, making her a key advocate for community health and wellness.

Tonimarie's journey is driven by her dedication to making a positive impact. Armed with a degree in psychology and education, she is well-equipped to understand the needs of our community and bridge the gap between healthcare and public awareness.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Tonimarie is a devoted mother, and her commitment to family values extends to her role in the community. Her inspiring personality and genuine love for helping people make her the perfect liaison between NJ Vein Specialists and the communities we serve.

What sets Tonimarie apart is her active involvement in charitable events within her New York community. She believes in giving back and has consistently demonstrated her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. Her enthusiasm for community service aligns seamlessly with our mission to bring health and wellness to the residents of New Jersey.

Tonimarie Gaudioso is not just a Community Outreach Coordinator; she is a compassionate advocate for well-being, striving to create positive change in the communities we touch. Her tireless efforts to foster health awareness and build connections make her an invaluable asset to NJ Vein Specialists.

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